GabiM (Gabor Magyar) is a Hungarian born Dj/producer. Who's always been fascinated and strongly connected to electronic music. As a life long desire he started Dj'ing and producing in 2012. His main sound is emotional Deep, Progressive house & Techno with occasional break elements. Which can be just as uplifting as dark. He had the privilege to support acts like: Henry Saiz, Nick Warren, Dave Seaman, Hot Since 82' , Blond:Ish, Hunter&Game, Finnebassen, M.A.N.D.Y, Maxxi Soundsystem, Jozif, Jamie Stevens, Phil K, King Unique, Luis Junior, D-Nox, Psycatron So far he's got releases on Modern Agenda, Hot Cue Records, D&R Digital, Pro-B-Tech Records, Conjured Records, BC2 Records, Massive Harmony Records, 3rd Avenue, Perfect Session Records, Soulfire Downloads and 7 Seas Records.

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